The National Black Chamber of Commerce® Offers:
Learn more about public policy issues such as Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, Global Climate Regulations, tax laws, Brownfields and other important issues that concern your business and community.
Receive the Convention Journal, The Small Business Resource Guide, and the NBCC quarterly "Chamber Report" newsletter. Let us feature you in the "New Member Highlights" or in our "Member Announcements" to garner more publicity for your business.
The convention brings together Black business owners, corporate executives, government officials, and others into a powerful networking and relationship-building forum.
The NBCC is establishing trade links, offices and communication instruments throughout the world to promote international trade amongst blacks globally.
The NBCC provides consulting to corporations and government entities concerning their outreach and diversity expansion on specific projects or daily procurement policy.
The NBCC provides pertinent information on issues that affect you and your business.
If Federal dollars are involved, black businesses must be involved. The law is already in place use it to participate in your community's growth.
Display it proudly so that all who visit your establishment will know that you are a quality business and that you have made an investment in the present and future of black businesses.
The NBCC President's Club was created to increase networking opportunities for interested and well established members. President's Club membership consists of an elite group of members who support and participate substantially in NBCC activities. Benefits include individual advocacy efforts and intensified networking. This exclusive membership provides a broad spectrum of business opportunities.
The NBCC is a 501(c) 3 Corporation. Membership is tax deductible.
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